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أفضل البائعين


Step into Safer Tech with Shungite

Experience the ease and protection of our Shungite Device Stickers.


Designed for versatility, these stickers effortlessly adhere to a range of devices – from cellphones to laptops, and even Bluetooth devices.


Opt for our packs of 5 or 10, and ensure safety across all your gadgets, wherever you are.


Complimentary Energy Cleansing

Desire a touch of personalization for a spiritually cleansed Shungite?


Let us tailor your experience to meet your aspirations.


Simply leave a "Message to Seller" on the cart page specifying your preferences or expressing your interest in our complimentary energy cleansing service, and embark on a journey of intentional living with Shungite crafted just for you.


At the heart of our brand is a profound admiration for Shungite. A marvel of nature, Shungite isn't just a stone; it's a symbol of purity, wellness, and ancient earth energies. 

We present a diverse collection that caters to every individual's unique taste. Our love for Shungite goes beyond mere commerce; it's a heartfelt appreciation for its healing properties and storied past.


Together, we're united not just by our love for this remarkable stone but by our commitment to infusing joy and harmony into families just like ours.

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  • Shields from EMFs.

  • Acts as a natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

  • Calms inflammation.

  • Guards against harmful elements like pesticides and free radicals.

  • Boosts your immune response.

  • Elevates cellular health.

  • Soothes anxiety and banishes negativity.

  • Amplifies enzyme activity.

  • Offers natural pain relief.

  • Gently detoxifies and purifies.

  • Promotes mental clarity and focus.

  • Energizes and uplifts mood.

  • Supports restful sleep.

  • Enhances spiritual connection and grounding.



We recommend consulting a medical professional before exploring any alternative therapies, particularly if you have significant health concerns.

While we believe in the potential benefits of Shungite, it should not be used as an exclusive remedy.


We're enthusiasts, not medical experts. Always see Shungite as a complementary addition, not a replacement for traditional medical guidance.


Our Shungite is of Type II variety, characterized by a rich content of carbon and fullerene molecules, setting it apart as the most powerful form of this mineral.

Renowned for its antioxidant properties, it has the potential to counteract detrimental free radicals, facilitating detoxification and purification at the cellular level to shield your body from harm.

Incorporating Type II Shungite into your daily regimen can be transformative. Beyond its inherent protective qualities, it's revered by many for promoting overall wellness, balancing energies, and harmonizing the environment.


As a testament to its multifaceted nature, users often report feeling more grounded and centered, making it a cherished companion in our modern, fast-paced world."

How does Shungite reduce EMFs?

Shungite is renowned for its purported capability to neutralize EMF radiation, a property attributed to its unique fullerenes content.


These hollow, pure carbon molecules are rare in nature, with Shungite being one of the few known sources. Scientists posit that these distinctive molecules are key to its EMF shielding properties.


In recognition of the discovery of Shungite's fullerene properties, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in 1996. It's this rare molecular formation of C60, or Carbon Fullerenes, that contributes to its protective nature against EMFs.


Dive deeper into this topic on our Blog page.

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Our Journey:
From Earth's Heart to Your Hands

At The Shungite Shop, we're not just a business; we're a family with a shared passion for the unparalleled beauty and power of Shungite.


Our dear friend Mike, with hands deep in the earth, extracts the finest gems from his private quarry, molding them into designs that echo our ethos.

Each creation receives a personal touch, polished and curated with utmost care, transforming into the signature pieces you know and love.


Our promise? To share with you not just a product, but a piece of our heart, embodying top-tier shungite and unwavering dedication.

Bundle of Shungite

I love my Shungite pendant and my over all experience with The Shungite shop! She was super sweet and always quick to replied back! Pendant necklace came in cute velvet pouch with an beautiful broach attached. Came on a thicker adjustable cord and a thinner one was bagged separately as well. I’ve been wearing mine every day since I got it! Also shipping was quick and I highly recommend shopping from this family runner shop!


I purchased a pendant from this third generation family and I couldn’t be happier, they answered all of my questions (and I had tons), and they promptly sent my beautiful pendant in a lovely velvet gift pouch with a brooch. They also sent a gift just for buying and I thought that was above and beyond because most businesses are just in it for the money but not them. I love my pendant and I’m thrilled that it’s shungite and not a reproduction. Thank you for such care being taken in my purchase, I will definitely recommend you!!


So happy with our Shungite from the Shungite shop. My son sleeps with the palm stone under his pillow - it calms him down, makes him feel safe and normalizes his sleep patterns! & the design of the stone and pendant are beautiful. Love wearing my necklace!  Thank you Shungite shop



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Shungite Jewelry

Known "The Miracle Stone", Shungite is claimed to contain special healing powers; which have the the ability to stabilize, heal, and promote growth in all living organisms. It also shields harmful EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Pollution and can help defuse negative vibrations.

Believe it or not, Shungite can conduct electricity. This being said it can help neutralize radiation given off by any electronic device.

Shungite has been claimed to contain almost all of the elements on the periodic table, making it a very rare and special stone. In addition to this, it also contains minerals such as silicates, crystalline silica and sulfites.

In 1996, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Robert F. Curl, Harold W. Kroto and Richard E. Smalley for their discovery of fullerenes. Recently it has been discovered that shungite possesses the powerful antioxidant properties of fullerenes, which has been a major breakthrough in the world of chemistry and material science.

It is considered a to heal the root and heart chakra. This is because not only does it help make you feel safe by protecting you but it can also help rejuvenate your cells. Shungite is a special stone because it not only connects to your base / root chakra but can help power your heart chakra helping improve your blood vessels.


Discover the potency of Shungite, renowned as a premier shield against EMF exposure.

Browse our selection to find your personal guardian, be it for home, office, or a considerate gift for a loved one.