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If you were to purchase everything seperately from the 'The Shungite Jewellery Protection Bundle' you'd be spending $79.70 USD we wanted to be able to give you access to a variety of our products for a affordable price.

Purchasing 'The Shungite Jewellery Protection Bundle' it is already a reduced price, unfortunately you will not be able to use any Discount Codes towards purchasing any our bundles. We hope you understand! :) 

This kit includes : 


1  - Shungite Necklace
1 - Shungite and Hematite Bracelet (Choose the Size Below) 

If you were to individually purchase these items, you'd be spending $81.70.  

This is a great starter kit, if you are really wanting to protect yourself against EMF both for your home and for personal use, spiritual energy balance and all the benefits with this incredible stone. 


EMF & HARMFUL RADIATION: In today's society it is impossible to avoid potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields. Shungite can be used to block or diminish EMFs. 


When wearing all Beads together can help get rid negative energy, so there's only positive energy to be delivered to the wearer. 



Shungite also known as, "The Miracle Stone"; is mainly found in the Karelia Region of Northwestern Russia. Shungite contains “Fullerenes” which is high in anti-oxidants and a Carbon Heavy Mineral. Shungita is claimed to contain healing power with the ability to stabilize, heal, and promote growth in all living organisms, and shield harmful EMF Pollution. (Electro Magnetic Field)


Hematite "a stone for the mind", is also minded in Russia. It is known to help keep focused, concentrate better and improve help memory. They say that it can help connect the physical nervous system and the ethereal nervous system. It can also help transform negative to positive vibrations, and also great to wear to stay grounded.


This Healing Bracelet is made with Big 8mm Shungite Beads and Small 4mm Hematite Beads.

We have handmade these bracelets with a doubled stretch cord. We suggest that you "roll on and off" the bracelet to keep it from stretching out too far.




  • We wanted a style not readily available - a convex circle that came to a super fine edge - we liked how it looked and how it felt - so we worked with our friend in Russia to produce them for us - we hope you like them too!
  • We hand made a thick adjustable 16-32 inch cord to give you a choice of how to wear it. The Circle Pendent Necklace has a diameter of  1.18 inches , and the weight is 9 - 12 grams. 


Shungite Jewellery Protection Bundle

  • We have done our best to represent the dimensions of this bundle in the photos. 

    As Shungite is a natural material that has a high carbon content so, some black residue may come off onto your hands when being handled. Since Shungite is a carbon based material it can be very fragile.  Shungite has "veins" that run through it, they are natural and each disc can have a individual pattern. 

    Please let us know if you'd prefer your Shungite with a lot of veins / pattern or little to none and we will do the best to send accordingly.

    Caring for your Shungite. To keep the healing properties of Shungite active, you can clean your pendant every week, or at least once a month. Using cold or warm water, soap or salt is optional. You may want to dry your pendant in the moon light, or in the natural sun for at least 2 hours.  You MAY want to take off your pendant from the cord before washing. 

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